A groundbreaking evidence-based approach to clinician well-being and health system productivity

Partner with us — the national authority on clinician wellbeing, workflow redesign, and EHR analytics — to improve practice efficiency throughput, profitability, and a happy clinical workforce.

Clinical Leadership, supported by objective data, can take the reins of the digital health platforms and drive the reengineering of digital workflows to reduce or eliminate low-value clinician activities and increase patient access and revenue.

Our Focus

Patient Access



Panel Size

Clinical FTE


Our Approach

We convene all the relevant stakeholders and build trust

We gather input from:

and then…

Data visualization platform to quantify workflow & EHR burden

so that…

Create a sustainable and rewarding workplace that

When needed, we partner with the Institute of Professional Worklife (IPW) to consult on how you can make necessary changes to support wellness in your healthcare group based on the data collected. Through this partnership, we match our excellence in data retrieving and analysis with outstanding real-life consultation on wellness implementation.

Our Expertise

ClinicianPulse, an intuitive data visualization solution, aggregates the vast array of transactions in digital health platforms.

The solution delivers a clear, common-sense pathway to relieve the stress and strain clinicians and care teams are managing today. Digital health record platforms generate messages, activities, tasks, and alerts sent and received at a dizzying pace. ClinicianPulse quantifies the volume of messages, the workflows, and the time spent on these administrative tasks.

Measure Volume

Analyze Time & Effort

Improve Teamwork

The Power of Collective Synergy

FHG is highly skilled at harnessing data from busy, large clinical practices and understands the inbaskets of providers and what could be done better. IPW is one of the world leaders in changing systems for burnout reduction. Our partnership creates the best of both worlds.

Dr. Linzer, Vice-Chief, Dept of Medicine, Hennepin Healthcare

Create meaningful, manageable work lives for all staff and providers.

  • 1

    Understand what is happening in inbaskets

  • 2

    Create efficient and less intrusive systems

  • 3

    Monitor the impact on worklife and burnout

  • 4

    Create a sustainable and rewarding workplace

  • 5

    Create careful and kind care for patients