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Increase your RVUs by 20% by optimizing your workflow


Recapture 35% of patients lost to network leakage


Prevent 4 out of 10 CKD patients from increasing severity

Your EHR & Claims data is your untapped asset.

We can help you unlock the power of your data.

Increase revenue by optimizing your network & improving practice efficiency.

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Three pathways. Infinite possibilities for health care improvement.

Practice Efficiency

Reduce EHR messages & time to increase your clinician efficiency and RVU generation.

Network Optimization

Understand your clinical network performance and leverage it to grow your revenue.

CKD Management

Maximize your data to enable upstream intervention for lowering CKD costs.


Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence

When science meets art.


Our approach gets you results. Quickly.

We combine our software, advanced analytics, and expertise to help you improve clinical outcomes and financial performance.

Who we help.

We give you the insights you need to quickly improve your health care outcomes and bottom-line revenue.

Health Plans

Create high-performance networks. Identify at-risk members for early intervention and care management. Reduce significant cost.

Health Systems

Increase revenue by retaining patients, reducing leakage, optimizing care workflows. Maintain accurate patient attribution. Identify gaps in care and track performance outcomes.

Life Sciences

Faster product approval by creating Real-World Evidence from real-world data. Expedite market studies & explore market opportunities. Strengthen provider partnerships to advance adoption of new therapies

Tech-Enabled Services

Expand data-driven services. Leverage analytics to optimize client’s EHR configuration and workflow. Extract usage data from EHR. Create additional sustainable revenue streams. Create product differentiator and client retention.

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We are a Wisconsin-based health care measurement company, and our team can’t wait to help you turn today’s data challenges into today’s revenue.

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