What if you could use data to improve your CKD management strategy?

Early identification and timely intervention can improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost.

15% of US Adults are estimated to have Chronic Kidney Disease — about 37 million people.


The growing prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease is having a devastating impact on patients, communities, health plans, and providers.

The cost of CKD care increases with severity of the disease.

Interceding measures with stage-specific care can mitigate the exponential increase of financial burden.

CKD Care Management

CKD is a Substantial Economic Burden

Medicare, ESRD, additional diseases, and many other factors contribute to the high cost of care, adding to the burden of the disease.

Learn more about the causes of economic burden of CKD.

The Economic Burden of CKD

Data capture leads to early detection and intervention, drastically reducing your cost of care.

Reduce the Cost of Care of CKD

Learn more about the data challenges and requirements to solve them.

CKD Needs and Challenges
FHG Intervention

Our Solution

We curate your data, work with your team, and improve CKD outcomes.

We start with claims and clinical data.

And then …

Our clinical measurement experts will partner with your clinicians to

Validate, aggregate, calculate, map, review,
and present

So that …

You are able to

  • Improve CKD Management
  • Monitor Cost of Care
  • Optimize Provider Networks
  • Address Health Disparities
  • Enhance Provider Partnerships

Control your costs, improve your member outcomes, and advance health equity.

FHG is uniquely positioned to partner with you and your provider groups to significantly affect the trajectory of your CKD population. With an install time of 4 to 6 weeks, we start to deliver insights almost instantly. Our flexible partnership models include risk-revenue share.

Here’s how.


Here’s how we control costs:

  • Track performance metrics
  • Monitor referral patterns
  • Address key cost drivers
  • Align with CMS kidney care priorities
  • Accelerate value-based contracting

Improve Members Outcomes

Here’s how we improve member outcomes:

  • Slow progression of disease for members with CKD
  • Address comorbidities in patients
  • Plan for transplant or home dialysis for members with ESRD
  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Improve Care Coordination

Health Equity

Here’s how we advance health equity:

  • View clinical and claims data by race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic factors
  • Detect inequities in care, access, and outcomes
  • Identify patients at elevated risk or with gaps in care
  • Target interventions to address health disparities
  • Implement rapid evaluation/continuous improvement models
  • Support CMS focus on health equity

We combine our software, advanced analytics, and our expertise to help you improve clinical outcomes and financial performance.

Our Solution Works

Clients just like you have harnessed the power of their clinical and claims data to improve patient care and capture incentive revenue.

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In 2004, the team behind Forward Health Group pioneered a powerful approach to data aggregation at scale (www.wchq.org). Today, we partner with delivery organizations to navigate new value-based reimbursement programs and to innovate additional reimbursement models to support patient-centered care delivery.


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